Broccoli and Pesto Penne


I gotta admit. I was skeptical about this sauce from the get go. Its a little chunky. I mean like the other Tyler daughter chunky. Jk. I cant front. I would totally sleep with her and then give her a fake number. So I started with the freshest ingredients. Like olive garden. But poorer ūüė¶ A little basil, a handful of nuts and a bottle of¬†Flying Cloud Cabernet¬†go a long way to black out. Add the bottle of wine directly to your mouth. Add the other shit to your pasta. Drink until your tears taste good. Drown yourself in a bowl of memories and penne. Cry deeply. Eat more. Go swimming before 30 minutes. YOLO. FTW

Lets make-aahhhh the pastaaaaaahhh.




Heat up a pan with Olive Oil on low.

Get your basil and remove the stems. Add that to your food processor. Add the nuts, 1/2 cup olive oil and garlic and chop it up really well. Like the very first line when your coordination is still there. Your oil can go up to medium now.

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Grab your broccoli by the hard stalk or shaft. Run your hand up and down over it in a light quick motion. Pervert look at yourself. You make me sick. Now remove the shaft from the broccoli and separate all the little heads apart. Add them to the hot oil and cook for 3 minutes. Then add your basil mixture and the water. Cover the pot and cook on medium low for 15 minutes. The broccoli should be soft, like your body.



In another pot boil some water with salt. Add your whole wheat pasta and cook for the time indicated on the box. Now add the pasta and the remaining olive oil to the broccoli and toss that ish like Hank Baskett tossed Ava London’s rear horn. Sprinkle some red pepper on there and some salt and black pepper to taste and then serve it up hot on a bed of regrets. I mean you wont regret eating it. Its delicious and nutritious. But you know which regrets im talking about. Carry on.

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