Easy Texan Veggie Soup

This soup is chunkier than you were before your parents sent you away to the “special” camp. It can not help you clear up any of your on going STD infections but it sure as fuck fights disease and cancer. The vegetables in this soup are like a rocket ship to immunity, unlike your English lit major,which contrary to what your admissions counselor told you, was a rocket ship to your hostess job at the  local TGI Fridays. So lets heat up a pan of tears and olive oil and get to souping.




Heat a soup pot or a dutch oven with olive oil on low. Mince your garlic in a food processor  and add it to the heated oil. Cook it for 5 minutes. While that’s cooking chop your onion, potato (skin on) and celery. Add these to the pot.

Peel your carrots, parsnip and turnip and dice them up like Ed Gein.  Add those to the pot. Saute’ all these ingredients stirring often for about 15 minutes.

Now dice your fresh tomatoes. Add the tomatoes, tomato sauce (I use organic Hunt’s), Canned Tomatoes with Chiles, water, chili powder, salt and pepper.

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Bring to a boil stirring constantly and then lower the temperature down to between low and medium. Cook for 45 minutes to an hour. The longer you cook the more the flavors mix. Serve with Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits.

IMG_3088 (1)

This soup will warm your cold , cold heart















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