Who Am I?

I’m Carolyn Monroe. I am a vegan, among other things.

Why am I a vegan? Firstly, because it is the healthiest lifestyle I could choose. I would love to be a raw food enthusiast but I simply cant shit my pants in public. Why else am I vegan? Ok, so lots of people have cats and dogs, right? Did you know that pigs are able to recognize themselves in a mirror? Your dog and your cat cant do that. Did you know that cows have memories? They can remember faces even after years. The also have shitty cliques like high school girls. There is a regina cow and all the other cows follow her. If you refuse to follow her, she will cut you off from the social circle and they will adopt a new member. Fucked up right? And chickens! They have a pecking order as well. And have you ever watched a momma chicken with her little nuggets. And I don’t mean getting chicken nuggets and a chicken sandwich at mcdonalds you slob. I mean on a farm. Its adorable. A mother hen actually looks after her chicks and teaches them how to live. Your mother just sent you to daycare and used prescription drugs. Chickens -1 You -0

I wouldn’t eat my dog jack. Mostly because he cost around 3 grand and as a non enthusiast for meat, i would say that’s not worth it for a burger. But also because he is adorable. So why would I eat a cow or a pig? They are pretty cute, admit it.

I do yoga and I actually feel strong and energized during. I eat incredible, fresh, filling and also delicious foods and I never feel like I miss out. Being vegan helped my skin, my energy, my focus and so many other fantastic little benefits.

I am vegan because vodka is vegan. And whiskey. And champagne.

I am a vegan because I believe in sustainable diets and keeping the planet green. And because animals scream when they are in an assembly line for death.