OMG Onion O Rings


Ok. Sometimes fried food can blow out your O ring. This happens when particular groups of patriots imbibe both Budweiser and local fast food delicacies like taco bell or white castle. The scientific terminology is “Bud Mud”. When you do it right though, it can slide through your system unwavering and determined to reach the other side. Like hamsters in the west village. This recipe is the kind that needs no lubrication. After all, vegan recipes are great for your colon. Whats good for your colon is good for your asshole. And i mean literal asshole , not your shitty toddler tearing down signs at Starbucks while you have “mommy time”.

So heat up a vat of oil and lets get weird………..

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Buffalo Nuggets

Vegetarian (for vegan, omit the honey in the sauce)

Holy Cow.

I just made the most incredible , spicy, kick you in the face Vegan Buffalo Nuggets. Its still football season. I needed these in my life since the Giants predictably shit the bed this season.

Here’s the thing about finger foods, they’re a fucking crowd pleaser, like your mom. J.K that’s why your dad left.

In actuality, these nuggets are easy to make and I am about to show you how.

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